When love came to town the town was empty

Almost four thousand years ago two men who never met had a phenomenal idea. Noone had ever thought of this and it took more than two thousand years for the idea to spread.

It is amazingly simple, yet for many so hard, and still transformational and moving once it takes hold. The two prophets were Zoroaster and Abraham. Both came from relatively the same area and in the scheme of time almost the same era.

The cultures they sprang from believed in multiple gods of many forms and reasons. The customs were many and powerful.

These two men, who had no idea of one another, had the idea that there is only one God. That it is impossible to see or picture or iconify God. They perceived that God has an enemy and that he is also powerful and deceiving.

These prophets both felt deeply inspired and moved by this revelation. One of them traveled west and based his life in seeking a personal relationship with God and making a faith in him manifest and understood. Zoroaster did the same, except that he went east.

Once you let God into your awareness, into your soul, it begins to touch everything. Once you ask him to inspire your soul, it begins to illuminate.  That’s were understanding gets to change knowledge into information and dreams into inspiration.


Let’s finish this thought with some wise words from B. B. King:




I hope that “B” won’t be offended if he ever would find out that I connected his song with my short post. I simply love his work, as it has often inspired me.





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