The real conspiracy

There is no conspiracy behind this Conspiracy theory. There are no evil people out to get you and fool you.  There are people who control your ideas and society because you, the public believe their systems and ideas.

There are also people in control because you don’t want to be responsible and you don’t want to make a stand for what you believe in.

Therefore the ones who want to control, are the ones in control, and the ones sustaining your ideas and beliefs are the ones you make responsible for yourself.

As a consequence there are a lot of persons – people like you and me – who have lots of power and no idea what to do with it. Except to use it in the way they believe.

If they believe that the end of the world is soon upon us, and if they believe that they belong to the chosen few of God, and if they believe that they are the instrument of God’s will, and if they believe that their group is the one who gets into the spiritual ark, then that’s their belief.

Particularly scary is that if they believe that they are responsible to carry out God’s will of destroying the majority of people for one reason or another then they actually belief that they are doing justice and acting out of love.

The ugly truth is, that we can stop it. But we – as a collective conciousness – don’t have the courage or vision to do it. We choose to be hypnotized.

Not only that, but something else, the few of us who have opened our eyes and are trying to wake up our neighbors are trying to wake up self-hypnotized egoists who believe their education has ensured their waking state.

Have you tried to wake up a sleepwalker who belives that he is dreaming? Well, I tell you that many of the theories are real, and once you begin to look beyond the veils and make an effort to read between the lines you’ll see it as clear as day. Furthermore you’ll begin to tell others and hopefully take steps for your own spiritual clarity and even how to step back.

But how can you step back?





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