The Soul creates the world, unknowingly

It’s no secret that I’m hooked on consciousness, and for a good reason for I found there an entire world, a far greater world than the hypnotized slice offers. What it is and how it is, I cannot divulge.

img-coll-0265Let’s just say that you have to map it out for yourself, and learn how to be the highwayman*.

One aspect of what consciousness is – but not isn’t, for it cannot be isn’t, but easily Nothingness – is that it’s not something you gain, not something you nurture, not something you can widen, hold, shape, or measure to a higher or lighter Something.

You can only perceive that you are one, and then begin to explore, for it’s made up of conscious grains; like your own Soul.

Jung and Freud got us on the track of figuring this out scientifically but men like Crowley, Gurdijeff and Steiner did no less; just non-scientifically, to open up the door to this amazing world of perception – or aperception.

More names could be dropped, but who cares. Once you’re in the foyer of the palace, on a hilltop in the center of the land of mist, there you are and the adventure awaits. I have long been advocating the insight that our souls are amazing and fierce creatures of infinite creative power.

One of the reason that our egotistical minds find it frightening is precisely the scope of projection. As the Soul is at least ten times the Ego and not as altruistic as one hopes.

For your Soul projects not only on the world but so powerfully that its unconscious shadow – and nonshadow – create the world in unison with the collective unconscious of not only other humans but possibly in a universal dance shared with other consciousnesses – even viruses can play part in this dance.

This cannot be easily explained; but once you’ve been at the aforementioned hilltop, explored the mountain of your soul, wrestled some of your demons and either submitted to them – temporarily – or sent them away or transformed them, you begin to experience this exceptional sensation of the spirit.

Furthermore you begin to see that our own world – which we’re made to believe to be made from material substance is anything but. Just like every of the nine spiritual realms, of which seven you can perceive, feel like a substance when you inhabit each. Which should tell you something about your Soul.

Just imagine for a second that your own spiritual entity – the Soul who made your ego, and thereforer frightens it when faced in mirrored-meditation – might be more powerful than many of the angelic entities. For some of them, especially the Lightangels (Michael and Lucifer are the most famous) can traverse the realms (possibly all nine) so can your Soul.

Imagine the jealousy, especially since so many of them are our guardians. You have yourself a guardian angel for your destiny, and you know him, possibly by name. To embark on that journey of re-discovery I recommend a reading like Paulo Coelho’s, The Valkyries.

With all this in mind, I sometimes like to watch people from this perspective. I can see young people, even children, and I can see middle aged people and then old aged people. It might be in the mall, or in the supermarket, at the bank or – heavens forbid – at the swimming pool.

When I’m observing people I like to ask myself how their soul and their unconscious – and the shadow, and the inflation – has shaped them and molded them. How they have been defined by their limits and let their fears defined their limits, or their unconnectedness to their Souls.

It’s more entertaining than a movie, and creates even more questions.


* The poem the Highwayman depicts parts of what is hinted at in this article.






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