The Seven Seals of Apocalypse

In the Book of the Apocalypse there are many prophecies and most of them difficult to translate. One of the most famous is the seven signs to the seven congregations.

As with all prophecies of the Bible, they are a riddle within a riddle. Many have written about this subject, and for two thousand years there have been many prophets and preachers who claim to have solved the riddle.

I’m one of them of course, but with a twist. I have not solved the riddle, and I’m not prepared to write a book about “the book of the Apocalypse”.

That being said, I recently finished a draft in Icelandic about the entire Bible. The proposed name of that book is “Orðatal” which in English can be translated as Wordchat. That name is a twofold riddle. I never intended that book to become translated into english, but I might. The book is special in many aspects and it explains a few insights into the Bible not found anywhere else.

When I claimed earlieer that I haven’t solved the riddle I meant that I haven’t solved it. But I have been given insight into it. In accordance with verse 26 in “God’s Will” I believe that the coming of Christ is now. That the end of days began with the industrial revolution and ended with the landing on the moon.

I began to receive insights into this soon after I wrote “God’s Will” under divine inspiration. Consequently I have in the following months began to receive deeper insight into the phenomen of the seven signs of the Apocalypse.

Now the seals or signs

As I see them, they are twofold, the first layer being:

  1. Landings on the moon from 1969 to 1974.
  2. The televised content worldwide – mid sixties to early seventies.
  3. The spiritual awakening- and the hippies, late sixties to early seventies.
  4. Jesus Christ Superstar is published, 1969-1971.
  5. Gene Roddenberry’s work 1966-1969.
  6. The main wars of secular Israel – late sixties to early seventies.
  7. The networked technology – late sixties to early seventies.

When you read this list it might at first seem a superficial work of self delusion. Look closer and keep in mind that a period of spiritual work governed by God is usually measured as for decades, and often related to the number seven.

From the birth of Christ to destruction of the nation of Israel, took seventy years. The work of Jesus took forty months. Moses worked in three significant periods each spanning four decades . Tip of the iceberg.

When “God’s Will” was inspired to Guy Ellis – which took three days – he himself had to go through a forty month tribulation. Before the tribulation began there was a time leading into it, and in all the whole period took seven years. Keep in mind that this took place four decades since the conclusion of the end of days.

Keep also in mind that “end of days” means literally end of days of a certain way of attitude and thinking. In one essence “end of days of ruling powers” or to put it more simply “an end to a mindset”. For what rules you, needs first to rule your mind, and the same system of thought has ruled the world since the Egyptian Faraoes.

At last ask yourself two questions: How have the seven seals transformed the way of the mind in our current times? How have they seeded the transformation of mind and spirit in our times, now at the eve of the Kingdom of Grace?

Second layer

The second layer is more subtle and I have not finished my work on them – or not yet recieved inspiration. Keep in mind when you read the signs, as the Apostle John wrote them down, that they are woven as messages to seven congretations, or that is how most people read them.

It is an illusion, obvious once you’ve re-read the chapters: They are messages to the seven angels who take care of seven congregations! Once you read those messages, and keep in mind that the angels being written to are alive and well today: The message describes spiritual aspect, awareness or attitude!

In other words I will leave this inspiration open for you to translate yourself: Which seven movements, or schools of thoughts, in our times are described in those messages? What are their characteristics and what are they doing wrong and particularly: Will they be forgiven their sins? Will they take heed of the warning?

I leave that part open for now. But I am convinced in my soul that what I put here at the top of my list is of consequence, but I am unable at the moment to elaborate on it:

Benjamín H. J. Eiríksson heeds his calling(1965) and follows the tradition of the Essenes for 22 years.

Eventually he wrote two volumes detailing sinful aspects of the spiritual guidance of the church and at the same time shredding the economic complications of his time. Also divulging interesting and very deep insight into re-birth and judgement.

I suspect that many did like Benjamin and his thoughts. He was a leader in the Icelandic society, very respected and well off, when he heeded the calling of God and and did valuable service not many have yet understood.

Personal note

It is not a sign in itself but noteworthy as a personal matter to the writer of this article. Guy Ellis was born on the 29th. of December 1966. The seed for his time of tribulation began around the end of the first prophetic era of the new Grace when he was forty years old.

Dear reader. Please keep in mind that this article, though published, is still a working draft.


This is part of a series of articles about the Seven Seals.





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