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Motivation, Inspiration or Reflection on various topics. These are personal views and interpretations. Philosophy is the search for understanding life and a way of asking questions. It is also an attitude! We’re all on the same path, wearing different shoes and every person has a way of seeing life or the world.


perspective c

Time is one of those concepts we have to deal with in our personal lifes. When we’re five years old we feel that it will take forever to grow up. When we’re single we feel that we will never again be touched (and it feels like eternity). When we’re middle aged we feel that life is racing us by. Then we ponder history! Oh man! Just over … Continue reading

Waters edge


This morning I woke up late and vowed never again to order pizza late at night, and absolutely never again have a glass of milk on a belly full of blue-cheese pizza. Only God knows how often I’ve promised myself to cook healthy fastfood when pizza-craving knocks. Today is Saturday and most of Reykjavík is travelling the country or feasting somewhere out of town. The first weekend … Continue reading


Aged 15

When I was five years old I knew about the concept of God, but didn’t care. When I was ten I knew more about him than my schoolmates did. But I didn’t think about it. When I was twelve I’d seen my mother having sex with a stranger. Been obscenely touched by that man’s friend. My father was dead, and suddenly I was living on my grannie’s … Continue reading

Never tired again


I love movies. I love to sit down and watch a good movie, to enjoy a good story. Watching beautiful people, both nice and nasty, doing different things, and weaving of the story. I love to do this in company and on my own. To forget time for a while. I’m always refreshed when the movie is done. I like especially – and most of us do … Continue reading

Egoism, Consumerism, Lifeism


What is to be expected from a culture where the court jesters are the moral leaders? The stars we look to for guidance and exemplary conduct. It used to the other way around, that they existed only to please, and we had moral leaders.  Drinkers, drug abusers, egosts, fornicators and adulterers have become our examples of shiny conduct. Perhaps the moral – or spiritual – revolution is … Continue reading

To conform and shut up, or not


I am like everyone else. Therefore I have nothing to say. I have nothing to add to that. Of course I can, like everyone else, talk about it all day long. We all like to fart with our mouths, and it’s fun. We are the only animal on this planet who can formulate unlimited thought-cocktails with sounds. Pay attention: I didn’t say that we are the only … Continue reading

You cannot stand, sitting down


The Process has not been made into a printed book, yet.. I’m not even sure if it ever will be. Simply I don’t care. What matters to me is how it came to be, what it is, and how it transformed my soul. Transformed my life. Your life is created and shaped by your soul. If your life isn’t on the path of your happiness, then you’re … Continue reading

No more writing

Guy Ellis playing with his phone

When I was thirteen I was given a small notebook as a present. It was yellow (my favorite color) with a drawing of a red flower on the front. It wasn’t large. It’s size and shape resembled A5. I loved it. For about a year I wrote in it from time to time. I usually wrote something innocent from my head. Thoughts and feelings and small experiences … Continue reading



When I woke up I had a sad feeling inside. I’m not new to such feeling. In fact I’ve used the intensity of this feeling to monitor the state of my depression every morning for the past eighteen months. I stood there in my garden with my dogs on their morning business, feeling sad, more like crying inside. The feeling was more intense than usual. I was … Continue reading

Impossible path


We want to do the right thing, but we don’t. We want to eat healthy, and then opt for fastfood. The difference is the choice of words. Wanting something and wishing for it isn’t the same thing. I wish I’d eat healthy, but I want to eat fastfood. I might wish to exercise more, but I want to stay in and watch TV. You do what you … Continue reading

Praying for wisdom


Many pray for wisdom, now and through the ages. Usually this applies to those who don’t regard the “world of things” of much importance. Most of them have regretted this prayer. Not because they don’t want the answer to be heard, or in other other words; to receive wisdom. But because God has a way of delivering answer using difficult experiences.

Nuclear physics


Atoms are a peculiar thing. They don’t really exist, yet everything is made from them. Also if you look closely at them, they’re all the same, yet nothing is the same. It wasn’t a long time ago that a scientist realized the existence of Atoms. He had no idea how to prove it and people mostly agreed that he was a bit mad. Yet many scientists took … Continue reading

Open the curtains for knowing


We are all beings of light. We all know everything there is to know, when we want to. All you need is to draw back the curtain. The Universe is large, so large that even if you were in a spaceship three seconds away from the edge, travelling at the speed of light towards it, you wouldn’t get out. The Universe expands faster than the speed of … Continue reading

Joy of not


I have no idea why I chose not to be involved. I like to be involved and I like the idea that involvement brings more sex than not being involved. It sometimes does. My last involvement was eight or nine months ago. Oh, I’ve had opportunities, wonderful, beautiful, and interesting opportunities. Of course I remember when I was last, but counting months has no meaning in timelessness. … Continue reading

Using the power of creative solitude


There comes a time in our lives when we’re more real than usual. Some people say it has to do with getting in touch with ourselves. Most of the time we run our lives responding to events and ideas. Sadly our own ideas tend to be our worst enemies in the course of events. It is so easy keeping a busy life in our, desolate, modern times. … Continue reading

Important questions


You think you’re driving fast when you reach 100 km an hour? You think an airplane travels fast through the sky? Did you know that when austronauts fly to the moon, they are at a speed half of the speed of Earth around the Sun? Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered how small they are? Have they filled you with a sense of wonder? … Continue reading