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Alchemist and a prophet of God, with passion for training dogs. Like a perfect poetry; Doesn't get any better than that.

World of Perceptions


The human brain is one of the most useful tool ever invented – or inspired – by the Universe, or by the Universal soul. It can comprehend anything it puts its mind to. You can imagine within your mind how the Universe looks from the outside and you can imagine and perceive what the infinite was like before the Universe ignited. The only limit to your mind … Continue reading

The Seal of the Networked technology


In the year of 1969 man landed on the moon. Some people believe it to have been an expensive hoax but it doesn’t matter. We landed on the moon as far as most of humanity believes and it transformed completely our view of the world. The same year something extraordinary took place but it escaped almost everyone. Yet it transformed our worldview no less and perhaps even … Continue reading

The Seal of secular Israel


Almost four thousand years ago, the nation of the Hebrews where slaves in Egypt. Today we know these people under the name of Jews. Originally there where twelve tribes composing the nation of the Hebrews of which the Jews – or the sons of Juda – where the twelfth. Five centuries later these brave people had miraculously escaped their prison camps and formed the state of Israel … Continue reading

The Seal of Spiritual awakening


In the sixties the philosopher Alan Watts began radiocasting his ideas about philosophy, ideology, spirituality, religion and life. He was an English scholar of religions, well spoken with a beautiful and clear accent in English often spraying his language with a hint of sarcasm. For a while he held weekly talks on radio discussing various topics. Though he touched on many subjects let us simplify and refer … Continue reading

The Seal of Gene Roddenberry


Four years before man’s first flight to the moon we had already begun exploring the galaxy with Gene Roddenberry. We had taken off to boldly go where no man had gone before, to explore new civilizations and frontiers of the mind. Star Trek was a brainchild of a man who until then was almost unknown. He had fought in Vietnam and been a police officer; he hardly … Continue reading

The Seal of the Moon landings


The Universe is a big place and simultaneously filled with wonder and emptiness. We know that our planet is a round sphere – like a basketball – and that most heavenly bodies are the same. Well, not all rocks in space are round but most of them are. For thousands – if not millions – of years the human being perceived himself as the master of the … Continue reading

The Seal of the Television


By the end of the nineteenth century, the first schemas for a television had already been devised and some scientists were already working on patents for what we know today as The Television. As early as 1908 the first results were emerging from attempts to build such devices, simultaneously there was work underway to build transmitting stations and reception devices. Two decades later many companies around the … Continue reading

The Seal of the Rock Opera


One of the seven seals of the Apocalypse is the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”. How can that be? It’s just a rock opera, and it is made in our times, and almost everyone feels that great events of faith are long past. But what is the value of your faith if it is long dead? For centuries the last book of The Bible has inspired much … Continue reading

Spiralling lights


Man changes and uses his ideologies to either explain his inaction or action. From time to time different explanations arise. Once it was Hell and the Spanish Inquisition, then it was the hunt for Nazi war criminals, now it is the factions for or against The New World Order. Nothing changes in this respect. Human beings will define factions and definitions and vortexes of the mind, simplified … Continue reading

Road to democracy II


We have been taught that in the free city state of Athens, in ancient Greece, the first Democracy was born. A few years later, in ancient Rome, similar idea got hold and was formed. It wasn’t democracy; it was a refinement of the representative leadership. In these two powerful cities the ruling classes of merchants and wealthy landowners discovered new ways of thinking as always happens in … Continue reading

Heretic in secular Jungism


Carl Gustav Jung was a pioneer of modern psychology. He was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud who began his pioneering work earlier but for a while they were great friends and collaborators. Freud was nineteen years older and had already made thoughtful and illuminating breakthroughs in exploring the human psyche when they met. Both of them made great progress in mapping the psyche – if one could … Continue reading

Road to democracy I


Humanity has developed only three systems of governing themselves as a group. These systems are Dictatorship, Democracy and “Representative leadership.” Sometimes two of them have been confused as one and the same but these systems are all largely different. Dictatorship is a natural form of leadership and usually assumed automatically. It is exactly the same form of leadership formed in gangs where one person – and those … Continue reading

Powerful mindset


It is already suspected that in the Universe is a dark matter, sometimes called antimatter. It is sometimes estimated to be 23% of the mass of the universe, sometimes 46%. Thousands of scientists are working on this mysterious matter – or energy – every day. There are abundance of hints about this phenomen all through history of human kind. Some of those hints suggest that the culture … Continue reading

Gazing at smokescreens of world orders


Many believe that Bush senior came up with the concept of “World government” when he coined the phrase “new world order” but it wasn’t his. Woodrow Wilson was the first real contender to point into the direction of a World government after the First World War, when he facilitated the formation of “The Leage of Nations”, an experiment which failed within 20 years. Theodore Roosevelt had greater … Continue reading

Respecting the beast


For the past year and a half I’ve become more and more fascinated by  the power we have, and don’t use. We basically have amazing luxuries and human rights compared to our grandparents time, and we are lost in meaning. We are well educated modern people, living in an industrial economy, we have freedom of speech, we have great health care system. We have also social systems in … Continue reading

Impressed by young minds


Before 2008 I had no interest in politics, none whatsoever. As I have explained recently I felt that representative democracy was idotic, shallow and a waste of time. I have since then changed my mind. Representative democracy is still idiotic but only a waste of time until real democracy rises. Until then I’m really glad for the mostly free speech and open internet. Mind you, there are … Continue reading

Meditative stance or practice meditation


Three decades ago I decided to learn meditation. I read about two or three methods, and quickly mastered them in solitude. It’s easy when you’re a dreamer to go get a grip on meditation. Then just as quickly I threw them out. If you go deep into powerful meditation you will awaken forces in your mind which your perception and awareness must be a able to handle, … Continue reading

Re-Forging Gandhi’s Satyagraha


To me and perhaps to most people Gandhi is an icon of something beautiful; aestethic and wise. Of course this can be the case when a person has been put on a pedestal for a won cause of the past. Where the cause has become two dimensional and flat, and the person only a symbol for the cause. In Gandhi’s case most of us know precisely two … Continue reading

Constipating on fresh ideas


One thing I’ve always liked about gayism* is that it means everyone. What can be harder for a person than coming out of a closet? A boy who falls in love with boys, or a girl who falls in love with girls. Much less other gender issues, as we know that approximately 15% of people – 3 out of every 20 – fall into these categories. Perhaps … Continue reading

Jungean or spiritual projection


The first time I  heard the song I was in love with someone I used to know. I was listening to a record I had borrowed somewhere. And something clicked. At first I didn’t think about it. Then came a time I wasn’t in love anymore and didn’t listen to the song while the memory was fading. For every time I heard the song, the awareness of … Continue reading

Super Califragilistic Expialidocious


In one of my recent posts I mention racism; one of the ugliest notions in the collective of the human psyche. I have always felt distaste for racism in any form, not only because of the evil nature of it but also for how idiotic it is. No intelligent person can in his or her right mind be a racist. Yet I could name you some very … Continue reading

Demagogical nightmare


There was a time when I loathed democracy. It was idiotic, narrow minded and stupefied. Not that I loathed the concept, but how the idea surfaced in our times and how it appeared void of intelligence, yet so loud with intelligent phrases. I’m interested in history, general knowledge about science, philosophy, psychology and sociology. I’m a practitioner of spirituality and I read up on things that interest … Continue reading

The art of time


When you develop the creative side of you there will be a few things about yourself which you’ll discover. First is that you cannot create anything new unless you have some material to work with. First is expression; be it tone, color and form, movement, speech or writing. Expression is training, exercise, training, failing, mistaking, failing, stumbling upon the right medium and slowly carving and shaping your … Continue reading

Disorienting speed


A long time ago I had many interesting conversations with an erderly lady in Europe, about diverse human topics, and took delight in being shown perspectives I would not have seen otherwise, except through reflecting on my own life experience when I get older. One subject cam up once in our discussions; mainly about diseases and travel. I had never really thought about it, but I know … Continue reading

Venerable Edward Snowden the Russian spy


I don’t trust Edward Snowden, not by a long shot. But of course I respect him and admire. It takes an extraordinary personal courage to do what he did; to stand in front of the strongest empire in history and defy it. To stand by your beliefs and to take such a huge step into the unknown as Mr. Snowden did, requires an absolute conviction in your … Continue reading

Conditioned education


When we look around us we see a world in confusion. The confusion doesn’t exist in the third world in general, but mostly in the westernized societies. The same societies which believe themselves to be civilized. By confusion I generally reflect on one issue. Most people have at least ten years of education in their minds and most people feel that they possess knowledge, but emotionally and … Continue reading

Your path, your destiny


When you look back on your life, particularly when you approach the term “middle age” and onwards, you will begin to see a pattern, and the pattern will make sense to you. You won’t like some of the lamp posts that were on the path and you won’t like some of the turns you took. You will dislike absolutely some of the people you have met, but … Continue reading

The real conspiracy


There is no conspiracy behind this Conspiracy theory. There are no evil people out to get you and fool you.  There are people who control your ideas and society because you, the public believe their systems and ideas. There are also people in control because you don’t want to be responsible and you don’t want to make a stand for what you believe in. Therefore the ones who … Continue reading

The audio process


I have begun recording “The process of positive willpower” into a short and free online talks. This is taking place in january through february 2014. The original work, inspiring this task, was made a year ago in Icelandic. This article is simply a memo, I will update it when the recordings are done. These recordings are located online at Enjoy  

Spiritual space travel


I have long been of the opinion that our civilization, which is between six and seven thousand years old can be generalized as the Egyptian era. The manuscript of my book Logostal* attempts to explain this logically and spiritually, using the Bible as the cornerstone of my reasoning. As of now it is still in Icelandic but I promise to make an English version as soon as … Continue reading

Process of positive willpower


The Process, is a simple and powerful attitude you can use to beat any limitations, any negative feeling, and literally any situation. There is nothing new in here, nor any magical formula to success. It’s a refined and polished best of the best seeds of successful thoughts coming from all directions and through the centuries. The process is imagined and devised – by yours truly – in … Continue reading

Facebook limits me


I don’t like Facebook anymore. But I like to stay connected with news, updates and chat with friends, that’s the only reason I stay. Also because I like to share what I write with my few readers. For someone like me, who writes stuff which few would find interesting and even fewer understand, and still fewer agreeing with, every reader is precious. Anyway, as soon as I … Continue reading

The whore of Babylon


When I first studied The Bible concept of “The Whore of Babylon”, it disturbed me a bit. I was taught that this concept referred to all the religions and the logic which was used to explain it made sense, but something didn’t add up. The classic explanation of this concept is like this: The religions of the world play a dangerous game with the devil, deceiving people … Continue reading

Open creativity in secret


We are so used to our reality that from day to day we forget what reality is. We consider houses, cars and objects to be reality, and we are right. We also consider nature around us, and the planet to be reality and again we are right. Any object we can touch and measure has to be real. Objectively this seems irrefutable, but it isn’t true. Whatever … Continue reading

The darkness that binds us


I recently came across an image on the Web picturing the all seeing eye of Sauron, from The Lord of the Rings, positioned on top of The White House in Washington. My first reaction was a smile, followed by a nod, and then recognition. Anyone knows what this means. United States of America is currently the most powerful world empire of today. This is not to say … Continue reading

The seven deadly sins


A prominent religious dogma has used the seven deadly sins for centuries to control people. All these seven sins are of course grave things by themselves, but they are not sins. As God revealed to me and is recorded in “God’s Will” there is only one sin. That sin can even be forgiven to you. This might contradict some of the ideas you’ve been taught. Especially it … Continue reading

Using more of your mind


I have often heard people say something like “humans only use about 10% of their minds” and often it’s hinted that we might be able to use more of it. I don’t really agree, yet I find the question fascinating. Can we use more of our minds? Was the great prophet Jesus able to use more of his mind than we do? If he did, what was … Continue reading

Personal connection with God


When I was nineteen years old I was already searching for God. I had asked numerous questions and followed every answer through. I did not know the path in front of me and fortunately so as I would probably have been dismayed. One fine evening, very late as I was already in bed, I was reading some religious material and began thinking about prayers. I realized that … Continue reading

The Seven Seals of Apocalypse


In the Book of the Apocalypse there are many prophecies and most of them difficult to translate. One of the most famous is the seven signs to the seven congregations. As with all prophecies of the Bible, they are a riddle within a riddle. Many have written about this subject, and for two thousand years there have been many prophets and preachers who claim to have solved … Continue reading

The new time is now


As already stated in “God’s Will” verse 26, the end of the world has already passed. The end of the world began with the first engines of the industrial revolution and ended with the manned landing on the moon. Other signs occured at that time. For a decade and a half two powerful nations, representing less than a tenth of the world population – or human capability … Continue reading

From God, To You


Recently I saw a film called The Captains. It’s a film by William Shatner where he interviews other actors. These actors had – like him – been cast in the roles of various captains in Star Trek. Star Trek is a very popular sitcom or television series, divided into different venues or timelines in a fictionary space story. At first glance Star Trek can be seen as … Continue reading

Self motivation


Our world is like a small angry child with a hand grenade. I don’t want the child to blow itself and us to pieces. Humanity has so much technology, so much biology information, so much knowledge. But we are using all of it to create anger, hatred, bitterness, and wars. This can only change if we transform our attitude. Our time is different than 50 years a … Continue reading

The Desert

2013-01-15 15.40.57a

This is the world-insanity test You know that the world is insane and that you’re sane by this test: That you’re doing certain things, and everyone believes that you’re insane, and yet by that very judgement you know that they’re insane but you’re not bothered to explain it to anyone. In fact, you continue doing what appears to be insane for the simple reason that in the … Continue reading

Preface to God’s Will


This is the new message from God to mankind. It was revealed to the prophet in May 2012. It was in the summer of 2010 that Guy Ellis asked God in prayer “what do you want from me? Why have you directed me from tribulation to tribulation for almost forty years? Why have you directed me from teaching to teaching? Why have you helped me to learn … Continue reading

Verse 1. You cannot die


My name is Guy Ellis. I’m from Iceland. I am a prophet of God. You cannot die. Your soul is eternal; it’s a chip of the old block. But life on this planet isn’t all sweet. It is not a bed of roses, there are thorns underneath. There is no need for me to tell you this. Thing is; this whole planet is a prison. You have … Continue reading

Verse 2. One true Faith


I am Guy Ellis.  I am a prophet of God. I reside in Iceland, a unique and special place on this planet. It’s a kind of place nobody would want to live in, and therefore in this place, very spiritual beings have been living for a very long time. There are very few of them and they make sure that everyone believes that it’s very bad to … Continue reading

Verse 3. Joy of life


My name is Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I was raised, and I have lived in Iceland. It’s a very spiritual country. You should see it. Especially you should see Krísuvík; it’s a very blessed place. If you seek enlightenment you can go there and meditate, or just walk around the lake. And if you find someone from The Faith, he can maybe tell … Continue reading

Verse 4. Trust


My name is Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. How do you know that you shouldn’t lie to someone else? How do you know that other people lie to you? Well – you don’t. But you know how it feels, when you discover that someone has lied to you. And you know how you feel, when you have told a lie, and you know that … Continue reading

Verse 5. Other prophets


I am Guy Ellis. I am a Prophet of God. I am from Iceland. You should see it someday. You’ll never forget it. Today I will talk to you about other prophets. I will teach you how to see them, to notice them. You see – at any given time, anywhere on this planet, and it has always been so, there is a prophet of God. Do … Continue reading

Verse 6. Science


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am from Iceland. Iceland is a very spiritual country. You can have spiritual revelations and experiences almost anywhere in this country. Almost – not everywhere – almost everywhere. There are places in this country where you can spend an entire day in a spiritual bliss, and when you leave that spot, you feel affected by it. … Continue reading

Verse 7. A name


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am from Iceland. Iceland was created for people who ask themselves spiritual questions. The Name of God: Is not important. Your name isn’t important. Guy Ellis in Icelandic, his name is “Guðjón Elías”.  In English, the same name is really Guy Ellis. How many are those names? Four? His father’s name was Ívar Hreinberg. In Iceland … Continue reading

Verse 8. Matrimony


I am Guy Ellis. I am prophet of God. Today I deliver to you the message of holy matrimony. God is not overly concerned with it. The holy matrimony, or marriage, is invented by different societies in different ways to suit different needs. God doesn’t care if one woman decides to have two husbands. Or if one man decides to have five wives. He’s more concerned with … Continue reading

Verse 9. Spiritual person


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. Have you noticed: I am not THE Prophet of God – there is no THE Prophet of God. There is only one faith.  Really! Deep rooted in the spiritual need of every human being to form an opinion regarding the question of meaning of life and life after death. Every human being thinks about these matters. Every … Continue reading

Verse 10. The original sin


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am giving you today the message of the original sin, and in doing so I am also clarifying to you what the sin is. You see – there is only one sin! And the sin is so simple and so easy to understand. And sometimes not so easy to overcome. The original first sin – and … Continue reading

Verse 11. Good and Evil


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. There are many prophets, there are always prophets, and there always have been. All prophets are concerned with one thing; the difference between good and evil. Evil can appear very kind. Evil can appear very angelic. Evil knows how to smile and be warm and be kind and be generous. Evil likes to play games. Kindness also, … Continue reading

Verse 12. Insight on Forgiveness


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I did not want to be. But, It’s the will of God, and so be it. It’s very easy to go through life, doing what you want, in the way you want, when you want, where you want, and to hell with the consequences. This is very common in today’s consumerism. It wasn’t so common in other … Continue reading

Verse 13. Time and living


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. There are many prophets. They are all right – and they’re all right. You see – all the religions, all the different aspects of faith, are branches of the same tree. Even the negative attitude ones, are part of The Tree of Faith. And the small gods might be minions of the great one. You see, there … Continue reading

Verse 14. Balance and harmony


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I did not want to be. But there you are. There is a law in nature and inside of you, which tells you when you are in balance and when you are not, when something is right and when something is wrong. God is very interested in balance, especially the balance of nature. Have you ever seen … Continue reading

Verse 15. Ways of seeing


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I reside in Iceland. I am not particularly Icelandic, I never have been. Yes I’m born Icelandic, by Icelandic parents and raised in Iceland. I have been instructed by God to tell you about prophets and about ways of seeing. You see – there are prophets everywhere. There are prophets everywhere around you; almost none of them … Continue reading

Verse 16. The ego and the I


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am coming from Iceland. I am also a human being. And I was instructed to tell you about myself. You see, I made a human mistake, last verse was supposed to be this one. I sometimes end up with a prophesy, that’s the nature of being a prophet. You give up “The Ego”, you become “The … Continue reading

Verse 17. Be Free


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I didn’t want to be. But it’s the Will of God. I have been now for two years living in extreme poverty in Iceland. No-one lives in a poverty in Iceland, but it was the Will of God. Maybe it was the will of evil beings. I do not know. You see? Prophets do not know everything. … Continue reading

Verse 18. Prayer


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. Today I will give you a message concerning prayer. God likes prayers. He likes them a lot. And he likes to hear them and listen to them. Sometimes people feel like if he forgets to respond to them but he responds to every single one. But God sees things a little bit different from the way we … Continue reading

Verse 19. Sex


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God, I am from Iceland. There are many prophets. Today I bring you the message from God regarding Sex. God likes sex. It’s a very spiritual thing, having sex with someone else. He’s particularly fond of the kind of sex where everyone involved are equally willing. He does not like sex where there is violence involved, he does … Continue reading

Verse 20. Angels


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. A prophet of God can be many things. Some of them are simple beings who work in silence somewhere, they seek out God in any way or any form they can find him, or her. They seek out and learn and strive to understand spiritual values above everything else. And they are interested in the wellbeing of … Continue reading

Verse 21. Anger


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I bring you the message of anger. Anger is a healthy and forceful emotion. When you see a grown up human being lash out in violence towards a child – would you not get angry, and would you not be able to use that anger properly, with force if necessary? You see – seen in the right … Continue reading

Verse 22. Hate


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I did not want to be. It’s the Will of God. And who am I? I’m a lowly prophet. Today I give you the message of hate. Hate is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. Like every human emotion it is a gift from God. All your emotions are created within you in God’s image. His … Continue reading

Verse 23. Faith


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am from Iceland, a highly spiritual country, populated by very spiritual people and also petty material people. You cannot have one without the other. I have faith. God has instructed me to tell you about faith. Faith is a wonderful thing. Faith is one of the most powerful things in the Universe. Faith is the driving … Continue reading

Verse 24. God’s love


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I did not choose to be. I was afraid of becoming. God took my hand and led me, gently and firmly towards this. It’s a burden to be a prophet, for every single prophet there is, it is a burden. It’s far easier for a person of sound mind to be a plumber, or a truck driver, … Continue reading

Verse 25. Concept of the Sin


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am instructed to speak to you about sin, and not for the first time. Probably not for the last time. The concept of the sin is an evil thing, invented by people who took messages of other prophets, twisted them around and formed organized religions for professional priests. They are very interested in control over other … Continue reading

Verse 26. About the end of the world


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. Today I will give you the message about the end of the world. Guy Ellis personally has been interested in the end of the world for a very long time. And it was one of the driving forces which drove the lorry of his spiritual quest for quite some time. Until he discovered that there is more … Continue reading

Verse 27. Heaven and Hell


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. That means I’m not always right, I’m not always wrong. It means I’m a human being who seeks out to walk in the path of God, not crossing his path because that can kill you. No, seeking what is the path, for a person who seeks God, to find God in life, in Universe, anywhere. And there … Continue reading

Verse 28. The Ego


I am Guy Ellis. I am prophet of God. I am from Iceland. This is why my accent and language sounds weird. It’s even weird to me when I replay the recorded verses to check if I spoke without error. Those errors I miss, I pray to God that he will forgive me. The prophet is afraid. He is afraid because he knows that every time a … Continue reading

Verse 29. Grief


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am a humble servant of God. It is sometimes called a prophet. What someone thinks about it or how someone talks about it or how someone reacts to it, I have to trust God concerning this. You can do that too. Today I have been instructed to tell you about Grief. Grief has a sister called … Continue reading

Verse 30. Simple, precise, detailed


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. This verse will be a very short and simple one, and very precise. God is not into complicated matters. He’s into simple matters. When you watch a tree grow, it is so simple. But it is very, infinitely, precise, and detailed. There is nothing complicated about how a car works. It’s very simple, and it’s very easy … Continue reading

Verse 31. Warrior


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am from Iceland. I will speak to you about Warriors. Warrior is not a soldier. Warrior is not a fighter. Warrior is not a lover. Warrior is not male, or female. Warrior is not materialistic and he is not spiritual. A warrior is all of these things. A warrior is someone who believes in something “more … Continue reading

Verse 32. Eternal soul


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am speaking to you in this verse about The Eternal Life. The cycle of the Universe. I will prove to you that your soul is eternal, and your ego isn’t. The moon travels around the earth. The earth travels around the Sun. Have you ever been in a car driving at one-hundred km pr hour? The … Continue reading

Verse 33. Shadow


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. Personally I’d rather be a programmer with dog training as a hobby, and spending my free time traveling cross country in a very nice Land Rover. But first, before I can take care of my egotistical selfish needs, I must record the message of God. I have resisted him for a long time. What can I say … Continue reading

Verse 34. Rulers of the world


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am instructed to tell you about the rulers of this world. It’s a natural process of the human being to choose for himself a ruler, it is part of being human. There is nothing wrong with it, and as with everything, not all rulers are perfect, and many rulers have shown themselves to be bad yet … Continue reading

Verse 35. Power


I am Guy Ellis. Today I will speak to you about power. Power is a powerful thing. It’s invented by God. It’s created by God. He uses it a lot and he likes power. You are created in his image. You also like power, and you use it a lot. You don’t believe me? Go daily to the Gym for a year. Work on the personal power … Continue reading

Verse 36. The Ways of God


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. This verse from God is about the ways of God. This has been said in finer words in other places, repeated through history. It’s very simple. God says: “My ways are not your ways, my thinking is not your thinking, my loving is not your loving, my seeing is not your seeing, my time is not your … Continue reading

Verse 37. Community


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. This verse is about community. A communion, your society, your relations; they are everything. A person cannot exist alone. This is why the greatest punishment through history has always been excommunication. And words are spellbinding in this respect. People can be excommunicated simply by everybody talking bad about them. Not understanding them, not giving them love, not … Continue reading

Verse 38. Representing belief


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. You represent what you believe in. It doesn’t matter what words or descriptions you put to it. The prophet will now give you an example. There is a person belonging to a certain religious sect. It believes that when you die you will be punished for your sins. And half of the preaching’s and sermons or teachings … Continue reading

Verse 39. Freedom and Consequences


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. This verse is sent to you concerning freedom. You are free to choose for yourself what you believe in. You are free to choose for yourself the consequences of your faith. You are free to choose for yourself the way you want to live your life. You are free to choose for yourself the community you wish … Continue reading

Verse 40. Arguments


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. God likes people who can disagree with him. Nobody likes people who always agree with everything. They are not to be trusted are they? But an argument. When people compare their opinions and their insight and their attitudes and they mix them together and they compete over them; God likes this. A healthy debate. Who do you … Continue reading

Verse 41. Wishes and Harmony


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am from Iceland. Iceland is a beautiful country. A country created in a way that it is easy to feel closer to God when you’re there. This verse is concerned with wishes and harmony. As with many insightful, spiritual, truths it has mysterious connection to the ego and preconceived ideas. Imagine yourself, right now, this moment. … Continue reading

Verse 42. Miracles


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I believe miracles can happen, yet I have never seen one. I don’t care if I have seen a miracle or not. A miracle is when something happens and something is made or done and it shouldn’t be possible because of the laws of The Universe. Many have performed miracles in the name of God and are … Continue reading

Verse 43. Supported by God


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I have been instructed to tell you a story that many people have heard before. Guy Ellis is not trying to do anything new under the sun. He’s only trying to do exactly what God wants him to do, like every prophet has done before him. Giving spiritual nourishment to his common people at a common time … Continue reading

Verse 44. Children


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. Today’s verse is about children. You do not own them. They are the future. But they carry part of you and they carry your ability to love. They have your ability to create. They have your creational, spiritual, awareness. They way you take care of your children, is the way you will take care of life around … Continue reading

Verse 45. Deceptions


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. Today I will give you the message of deceptions. God isn’t into them. Those who use deceptions and manipulations, and control, are not into loving kindness. They are not pro life. They are not doing things for other people’s benefits or their society. They’re only seeking their own. They’re not into what is beneficial for anyone except … Continue reading

Verse 46. Humor


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am putting together those verses because I am forced to do it. God has humor and he wants you to know it and he particularly likes the kind of humor where you simply have to do what you have to do whether you like it or not. And if you find something amusing, rest assured that … Continue reading

Verse 47. Connect with God


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. This is the new scripture; this is a verse in the new scripture. A biblical scripture means one in a collection of books. Each verse is a book and each verse is an audio file. Some of the verses are about a minute long and others are just about ten minutes long. For eternal messages from God … Continue reading

Verse 48. Explaining and being


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. This verse is about explaining and being. It is also about the reason why you know that there are universal laws around, yet no-one can really explain. A woman says to a man “I love you”, he looks into her eyes and he can see in her eyes that she means it. He knows what love means, … Continue reading

Verse 49. Truth


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God Today I will speak to you about truth. Truth is the most elusive concept in this Universe. Truth is something we all believe we have. Truth is something we all believe we will never have. Truth is something we all believe that nobody else has. Truth is at the same time something everybody else has not, but … Continue reading

Verse 50. Secret of seeing


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. Some prophets you might meet and not recognize them. Sometimes you meet angels and you do not recognize them. Angels are not only spiritual creatures; they are not only spirits of the night or an unseen world. Angels are those carrying forth the will of God, for the sake of others and not for their own sake. … Continue reading

Verse 51. Children of God


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am also a builder, I am also a warrior, I am also a hunter and I am also a man. There are so many of us, human beings in various disguises and in various parts which we’re playing in our society and our lives, and we have all those abilities. We can all build and hunt … Continue reading

Verse 52. The I


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. God is the god of the small, he’s also god of the large. Just as with simplicity he likes detail, he likes precision. He knows of every single creature on this planet, insect, cell, and every atom. Everything originated with his willpower, his passion for life. He knows of all of it and he cares for everything. … Continue reading

Verse 53. God’s love


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am not popular. God is popular. Everyone thinks about him. Every human being thinks about God. He comes into your mind almost every day. Some people do not believe that he exists, but they still think of him, every day. He is the most popular entity in the entire universe. Of course he is; he created … Continue reading

Verse 54. Accepting God’s will


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I had no idea what it means to be a prophet of God. It is just over a year ago that he gave me the first vision and insight into this destiny and I fought him because I did not wish to be a prophet. I am Guy Ellis. I am a programmer. I am a philosopher. … Continue reading

Verse 55. Dreams, and Fighting evil


I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. When I was at the age between five and six year old I had a dream, and I woke up from the dream crying and I told my mother the dream and she explained to me “you had a nightmare”. I was a young child. I did not think much about dreams, they were just something that … Continue reading